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Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (Texas Tomorrow Fund)

Student Business Services requires a signed copy of the student’s Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan ID Card.  You may submit your copy by using the document uploader corresponding with your incoming term:

Summer 2024 - Tuition Assistance Document Uploader


Fall 2024 - Tuition Assistance Document Uploader

Students who do not have their ID card should contact Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan to request a new one.

Student Business Services will automatically enter the benefit to the student’s tuition and fee account for the fall and spring semesters.  Students who do not want to utilize their benefit for any fall or spring semester must contact Student Business Services and notify them that they do not wish to use their Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan.  This includes any student who is withdrawing from the University.

Students who wish to use their Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan for summer sessions must contact Students Business Services and request the benefit be applied to their tuition and fee account.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are some fees that Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan does not cover; such as, room, meal plans, orientation fee, off-campus fee, electronic course fee and lab fees. Please review your student account each semester to verify if you have any charges that you are responsible for. Failure to not make payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of your classes.

Additionally, the deadline to submit requests for third party billing, which includes Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan and Texas Promise Fund,  is the twelfth class day of the fall/spring term and fourth class day of a regular summer term.