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Repeated Courses

Course Repeat Fee

The Texas Legislature eliminated funding to higher education for courses that are attempted three or more times.   In order to compensate for this loss of state funding, Texas Education Code 54.014 specifies that students attempting a course for the third or more time may be charged a fee in addition to the tuition charged for the course.  Texas State University has chosen to assess the supplementary fee to those students attempting a course more than twice.

An attempted course is defined as any course in which a grade is earned on the transcript, including repeated courses and courses dropped with a grade of “W”.

Attempted Hours Include:

  • Repeated courses
  • Earned hours and unearned hours (non-passing grades)
  • Withdrawn courses (includes administrative/non-academic)
  • Dual credit courses

Hours Excluded:

  • Up to 18 hours of remedial and/or development courses
  • Courses that are designed to be repeated for additional credit (thesis/dissertation/music/theater/special topics)

Appeals for Exemption:

  • Economic Hardship – A student with an economic hardship is defined as someone who, at the time of registration, is documented with the Office of Financial Aid as being eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, regardless of whether they actually receive the funding due to enrollment status, non-satisfactory academic progress, or other reasons.
  • Final semester Before Graduation -  A student shall be exempted from payment of higher tuition for any course repeated in the final semester in which the student is graduating, if the course(s) is taken for the purpose of receiving a grade that will satisfy a degree requirement. The exemption does not affect an institution’s ability to charge a higher rate for courses that cannot be reported for funding for other reasons such as the excess credit hour limit, or an institution’s ability to waive higher tuition rates for economic hardship.  Academic Advisors may verify student eligibility for this exemption via email to Student Business Services (  This exemption applies for only one semester.
  • Deadline to Appeal:   Student Business Services office must receive eligibility documentation no later than the official last class day of the semester in which the appeal is being requested.